Coffee Table Book

Published by Issuu, this coffee table book printed in October 2013 showcases some of the best work I have created in the last 5 years.


Download a free E-book version from this link:


Pearlappetite comes with branded packaging and includes a display stand.


How to take care of your Pearlappetite

You should give the same level of TLC as you would give to a fine art painting in your collection.

- Rinse with clean water
-You may use mild soap
- Do not scrub
- Drip Dry
- Avoid wiping with a cloth or paper towel. Use only lint free cloth.

They said

In his creations, Patric Rozario captures the timeless beauty and cultural significance of the pearl.
- Amit Newton, Qatar Tribune

Alluring & enduring – pearl has a new twist.
- Myriam Chandna, Qatar Today

His designs have been called ‘mesmerizing and ‘alive’, and to this can be added the adjective ‘unique’.
- Rima Nasser, Selections Magazine

For Patric Rozario, art is a medium through which he can express his passion for pearls in a one-of-a-kind incarnation.
Using plates as a metaphorical canvas, Rozario has created a series of works aptly named ‘Pearlappetite’

- Rima Nasser, Selections Magazine

When Patric Rozario invites anyone for dinner at his home, ‘Pearlappetite’ is the appetizer and also the main course.
- Sami Said Ali, Society, Gulf Time

Pearlappetite is Patric Rozario's offer of capturing the sublime nature of pearls and presenting them as fine art on plates.
- Roger Dagher, Nexus