"When Patric Rozario invites anyone for dinner at his home, ‘Pearlappetite’ is the appetizer and also the main course."

-Sami Said Ali - Society, Gulf Times


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The Birth of Pearlappetite

Patric Rozario is an artist from Malaysia. He has been living and working in Doha Qatar since 2005. Qatar’s history is rich with pearling as the main occupation, until modern times. Sometime in 2009, Patric started integrating Swarovski pearls in his abstract paintings on canvas, by embedding pearls in acrylic paint. This idea occurred to him when by “happy mistake” a pearl fell on wet acrylic paint. While he worked on his paintings, these Swarovski crystal pearls and other semi-precious stones were placed in a glass plate, rendering it easy for the artist to pick them up when needed. One day the artist noticed that the sunlit glass plate itself was a beautiful work of art, with all the pearls, crystals and semi-precious stones bedecking the plate. Pearls and Swarovski crystals on painted ceramic and glass plates will it be. Thus, Pearlappetite was born. Pearlappetite is Patric Rozario's signature creation, and he has been creating these from 2009.

About Patric Rozario

Born in Kuala Lumpur and educated both in Malaysia and India, he is a self-evolved artist. He has  worked as a Radio Officer on board merchant ships that sailed around the world, far and wide. His tour of duty exposed him to various cultures around the globe that have  influenced his art in many ways. 'Pearlappetite' is his offer of capturing the sublime nature of  pearls and presenting them as art on plates. He is passionate about pearls…the textures, their luster, how wonderful they feel and how radiant they look against any background. That's why he incorporate them into all of his sculptural adornments. Each piece of art that he creates is a tribute to all the pearl divers of this good earth, a breed of creative people who believe that pearls are worthless as long as they remain in the oysters. They laboriously bring the pearls out to the world so their beauty can be enjoyed. Patric Rozario creates Pearlappetite so you can too.


Pearlappetite is envisioned to be an art collection for anyone who has the appetite to be a part of the beauteous nature of pearls. It is my offer to their glory to present pearls as art on plates.  All of my creations have one common element – Pearls; praised by seafarers as Mermaids Jewels, they are the jewels on my art.