Don't keep taking. Give also.

To read is to take. To write is to give.
So don't just listen. Do also sing.
Between the taking and the giving is a process that not only enjoins the two, but also enriches you in more ways than one. And that is what is known as creation.

- Patric Rozario. Doha, 11 Jan 2011

Co-Creating with the universe

I know that I am co-creating with the Universe. Co-creation is the fashioning of a new reality for ourselves that arises from flowing with the energy of the Universe rather than trying to control it. Co-creating with the Universe, involves skills that allow us to energetically flow with whatever is showing up in our life, rather than trying to control what is going on. This is not the same as 'just letting things happen to us'. Instead, it is using skill-sets that allow us to create win-win situations, no matter what else is going on. Co-creating with Others is different from co-operation, in which the goal or vision brings people together. In a cooperative group, individuals come together to work on a common goal (i.e. building a church, developing an educational program, cancer research). The goal, then, is the glue that holds the individuals together. When the goal is accomplished, the group may or may not disband. Co-creation with Others is the conscious act of 2 or more people coming together because they like being together, they want to be in each other's company and they know, consciously, that the act of coming together will create goals and visions (co-creation). This is what we "seek" at a gut level when we feel compelled to gather and share our stories.

Pearlappetite selected as state gift for Malaysian First Lady

It is not often that I get a call from the Malaysian Ambassador to Qatar requesting to see some of my creations. When I showed him my Pearlappetite pieces, he did not waste time in selecting one from the few I presented. His reason for choosing Pearlappetite echoed my belief -  Pearlappetite is very much part of Qatar; rich in pearling tradition. On 8th October 2012 I was invited to a state dinner at St. Regis Hotel in Doha.

H.E. Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansoor received a brilliant piece of Pearlappetite, bedecked with pearls, Swarovski crystal and stained corals. The glass plate was manufactured in Spain, recycled from discarded medicine bottles.